Grinding Ginseng Roots

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Today my dad needed help grinding some very stubborn Ginseng Roots.

Some had been steamed and others not. I didn’t realize this was a process for Ginseng.

We first tried them in the coffee grinder that I usually use but the roots were so hard it was just creating a little powder and then the coffee grinder died.

So we hammered the remaining roots into smaller pieces and fed them into the manual grinder. They smelled and tasted phenomenal. The grinder did do the job and now dad will be able to cap up the herb and take the capsules as medicine.

He had 4 different kinds and there were slight differences in taste and smell between the types. Ginseng is an excellent herb. It doesn’t grow locally for me so it is not one that I have used much. American Ginseng is supposed to have the most varied use. It is a full system tonic, great for virility, life force and stamina. It’s been used for men’s health issues a lot but as you can see by the description, may be good for almost anyone. He had Jilin Ginseng –Jilin Ginseng is the most sought after ginseng in all of China. It is renowned around the world as one of the best Chinese Ginseng Roots. Kirin Ginseng the “Shih Chih region’s better quality ginseng” and two other kinds also. I guess there are a lot more than just Siberian, Korean, Chinese and American. Ginseng has been used traditionally and historically for centuries to achieve greater health.


  1. Don said:


    I read your story and it was interested. Just curious, what kind of manual grinder you were using for ginseng ? I have the same situation and would think it is a simple manual meat grinder.



    • yarrow said:

      The grinder is a Molino “CORONA” by LAnders, Mora & CIA. LTDA. It is awesome and is a manual meat grinder. My understanding is that it can also do wheatgrass if need be!

  2. I found a great cheap place to buy roots. Check out Small roots were on sale for just $65/lb. Very reasonable considering how long a pound of ginseng lasts.

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